DR Tow-Behind Rototiller TT15036BEN


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DR Tow-Behind Rototiller TT15036BEN

Step up to powered remote control of tilling depth, and 24 steel tines to get your work done even more easily with our PRO model Tow-Behind Rototiller. Compatible with ATV or garden tractor.

Tow the DR Tiller behind your ATV, riding mower, or tractor and you’ll break ground and turn soil faster and easier than you ever thought possible! The DR does the hard work while you ride in comfort and adjust the tilling depth by remote control.

Unlike walk-behind tillers, the DR® Tow-Behind Tiller doesn’t divide its engine power between moving the machine forward and turning the tines. The full power of its overhead valve Briggs & Stratton engine (9.50 ft-lbs gross torque) is dedicated to the real task at hand, tilling the soil. Your tow vehicle takes care of the propulsion, and with its weight, actually holds the tiller back to create maximum churn (and prevents the tiller from lurching forward as walk-behinds often do).

The result is the DR® Tow-Behind will till unbroken ground, including tough sod, in a fraction of the time required by any walk-behind tiller. Even better, it is twice as wide as most ordinary tillers and applies twice the tine coverage. That means faster, more thorough tilling, with none of the strain associated with tillers that require sheer strength to control them. Instead, you just ride and relax.

Product Summary:

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 9.50 XR Series OHV, 9.5 ft-lbs gross torque
  • Tilling Specs: 36″ wide, up to 7.5″ deep (variable)
  • Battery-powered actuator controls tilling depth by remote control.
  • Shock-absorbing hitch absorbs jolts for a smoother ride
  • Electric-Starting
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